It is important for us to service our customers with the utmost speed and professionalism. We are grateful when they show their appreciation for it. We understand customers have a choice when choosing their custom synthetic lawn install. As a result, we work hard to make sure they understand they value and quality they receive when they choose us.

For instance, when customers choose Paradise Greens we make sure they understand the benefits of artificial grass, Those benefits are:

Custom Synthetic Lawn Benefits

Low Maintenance. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance. It is a permanent solution for yards with brown, bare areas or climates, like Arizona, where drought is a way of life. A custom synthetic lawn will provide all of the beauty and aesthetic appeal that real lawns do, with none of the work! No more mowing, edging or weed eating. Just think of the money you will save!

Eco-Conscious. When you install a custom synthetic lawn you make a positive impact on the environment. Artificial grass requires no pesticides or fertilizers. Therefore, these do not end up in our waterways. Speaking of waterways, this brings us to our last point.

Water Conservation. The eco-conscious aspects of a custom synthetic lawn also impact water conservation. If you want a lower water bill, install a custom synthetic lawn. It needs no watering to keep it green year round. You will enjoy a lower water bill!

Let’s Build Your Lawn Together

Explaining these benefits to our customer practically seals the deal. Furthermore, our sales team does not hype or pressure customers to make a particular choice. We work with you to establish a a budget. So if you are considering a custom synthetic lawn, contact Paradise Greens today. Let’s build your green space together. And who knows, you might be our next video feature. We certainly welcome the idea! Want to see more? Check out our other before and after photos!