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by | Nov 4, 2010 | Recent News

Ever imagine your own private Putting Green in your own backyard? Or maybe your place of business? Maybe you wanted one but didn’t know what to look for? Well, Paradise Greens Premiere Putting Greens are top quality from concept to completion. Yes, we have the amazing ability to fit in to any environment. Also, Paradise Greens Synthetic Turf Putting Greens add beauty and value to your property. And yes, they hone your golf skills.

Why Paradise Putting Greens are Different

Our turf provides an environmentally friendly, low maintenance golf practice area. Also, they provide a lead free entertainment area. In addition, they are 100% safe for children and pets.

However, it gets better. They require no watering, seeding and are pesticide free. UV inhibitors and state of the art manufacturing ensure every installation is is a beautiful property enhancement. Yet, it proves they are built to last too. Seems like Artificial Turf Putting Greens make a beautiful addition to any home or residence.

In short, a professionally Putting Green install from Paradise Greens adds substantial value. Plus, it is environmentally friendly, low maintenance and stays beautiful year-round. Your home Synthetic Putting Green uses almost the same composition as USGA putting greens. So, it will roll true just like a natural Putting Green. You get the same surface the the pros play without the exorbitant price tag. After all, maintaining a natural Putting Greens costs money..

For the avid golfers working on your putting on your very own Synthetic Putting Green from Paradise Greens reduces your handicap. It turns those 3 putt holes in to 1 and 2 putt holes. Paradise Greens can also customize your Putting Green to Stimp (measurement of how fast a Putting Green rolls at) at any specified speed the customer is looking to create.

Artificial Putting Greens from Paradise Greens are not just for homes. Many business owners utilize Paradise Greens’ extensive experience and knowledge of Artificial Turf to enhance the landscape at their place of work. Artificial Turf Putting Greens have a variety of applications. They find use in apartment complexes, auto dealerships, condo associations, golf practice ranges/facilities, offices, office common areas, to name just a few.

Premiere Putting Greens: Surprising Options

But what if you don’t have the space available on your property to install a Synthetic Putting Green? Even though the weather in the Southwest is beautiful year round, not everyone has the space available in their landscape so Paradise Greens also offers the capability to install an indoor Premiere Putting Greens in homes and commercial buildings.

Charlie Ferer, President and CEO of Paradise Greens commented “With an Artificial Putting Green by Paradise Greens customers can expect our first-class Synthetic Turf, attention to details, and creativity to blend seamlessly in to an existing landscape enabling the customer to practice and work on the game they love, and cut strokes off their game in the mean time.

It also presents new opportunities to bring the game into residential backyards and commercial arenas for the general public. Now golf can be enjoyed on numerous landscapes aside from an 18-hole golf course and that experience can also be affordable on Premiere Putting Greens by Paradise Greens.”

Let Paradise Greens Make it Happen

If you are interested in your very own Synthetic Turf Putting Green at your home or place of business please call Paradise Greens at 480.586.0655 to discuss your project or schedule an estimate. To view some of Paradise Greens’ previously completed Premiere Putting Greens please visit our website at

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