Latest Generation Equal to or Better Than Grass

by | Sep 10, 2010 | Recent News

Artificial grass innovation has come a long way since its invention in the 1960s. It’s debut in professional-level sports at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, gave it the name ‘Astroturf’. Now, instead of the woven nylon rugs, artificial grass has the look and feel of real grass. And, leading soccer organizations such as the Federation of International Federation Football Association (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) are giving it a second look. This, after several widely attempts to introduce it into the game in the 1980s were not well received.

“Artificial turf was once considered glorified carpet laid over concrete,” says Michael Meyers, director of the Human Performance Research Laboratory at West Texas A&M University in Canyon. But he claims that the latest generation of artificial turf is “equal to or better than grass”.

Artificial Grass Innovation Benefits

Seems like artificial grass innovation has many benefits for consumers today. Things like UV coating, cooler grass blades, better infill and multiple grass styles give consumers options. Therefore, artificial grass innovation gives costumers more. Who would not want to benefit from these recent industry changes? Exactly. That’s what we were thinking too!

Yet, it’s more than that. Warranties are also better today. Why? Because artificial grass innovation makes a better product. This means customers like you enjoy their lawns longer. We consider that fact a solid “win.” And we aren’t just talking either. We have customer testimonials to prove it!

Paradise Greens Can Make it Happen!

So if you would like to see for yourself, contact us! Paradise Greens has the latest products in artificial grass innovation to make your lawn look amazing. Also, all of our grass is made in the United States. We believe in the American economy and support the American worker.

Our product ethic and work ethic make us the premier artificial grass company in Arizona. So don’t wait! Get in touch and let’s start your dream project! Artificial grass innovation makes now the perfect time. You won’t be disappointed.



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