A Whole City of Green!

by | May 31, 2010 | Recent News

When it comes down to thinking of synthetic turf grass I think it is fair to say that 95% of people automatically think of a football stadium, baseball field, or soccer pitch. Maybe a few of those 90% think of it for school playgrounds as well. Yet, how many of you think of artificial turf covering a whole entire city?

Synthetic Turf Grass for a Whole City

Many small cities do not have the time or money to continually focus on their landscapes and keep green grass beautiful and luscious. Oftentimes strong summer heat will even turn gorgeous green grass into burnt yellow hay. Watering is costly after all. And, well, there’s really nothing that can be done. Of course, you want to spend absurd amounts of money on labor and materials.

A few small towns have even taken to just covering road medians with asphalt instead. And while that’s an easy fix just one season later you will see stubborn grass grow. After all, nature does find a way.

Yet, aecently a small city in Wyoming decided to take it one step further. They are determined to keep their city gorgeous without breaking the bank. Gillette, Wyoming is conducting a one year test of placing synthetic turf grass on all areas of the city. That’s right, near sidewalks, in street medians, parks, around parking lots, & outside of buildings.

This area also receives a lot of snow throughout the year so they are doing an ample testing of various areas to see how fading and other factors work over time. They will start on a rooftop with a small 15×15 patch of synthetic turf grass. Next, they will bring it down near the parking lot in winter to see how it will handle immense snow and plowing.

What a smart way to keep your city constantly looking beautiful, don’t you think? We do too. Synthetic turf grass is the perfect evergreen solution.

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