Synthetic Grass – Beneficial or Detrimental?

by | Apr 18, 2010 | Recent News

There is a heated debate happening in San Francisco right now regarding the covering of a soccer field with Artificial Turf. One side of the coin states that by covering a soccer field with synthetic grass it is hurting the environment & the path of certain migratory birds who frequent the area. The flip side of that coin states that by covering the field with grass they are saving millions of gallons of water, and allowing the field to be used all year instead of waiting for it to re-grow.

There are as many arguments for and against using turf. Many wonder if the chemicals used to treat it could cause harm to the environment or if the amount of heat that radiates off of the grass could contribute to global warming. Others say that because it requires very little maintenance, materials, & tools over a longer period of time, the overwhelming benefits outweigh the possible negatives.

Most don’t take an official stance on either side, but since more and more fields are being put in place, the evidence speaks for itself.

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