Artificial Turf as a Cherished Memory?

by | Apr 13, 2010 | Recent News

When you were a kid, maybe you played baseball, or soccer, or football. The field you held your competitions or games on could have been made of either real or synthetic grass.  Yet, most likely the fields you practiced on were composed of real grass. Odds are on a warm summer day, when the fields are being cut by lawnmowers, and tended to by groundskeepers, the smell of fresh cut grass is the only memory you have of that time. Maybe it’s time for some artificial turf memories?

However, what if you could keep a piece of that turf on a shelf to see, to hold, to touch? Imagine, looking up at any moment in the middle of winter and seeing that turf sitting there all of the artificial turf memories that could come rushing back.

Artificial Turf Memories: Dallas Cowboys Go All Out

That is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys have done. According to today, Texas Stadium is now offering various pieces to be sold off as keepsakes from the Cowboys and the stadium. The most interesting are the two Artificial Turf momentos – one, an etched-glass display case with a bit of turf inside of it, and the other a set of Dallas Cowboys coasters, with a circle in the center full of turf.

I suppose this could be done with real grass too, but over time it would brown and not be anywhere near as fun. The legend of the artificial turf of Texas Stadium will live on forever in the artificial turf memories of its fans.

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