Many people may be skeptical of synthetic turf greens as a viable consumer option that actually helps the environment. Gone are the days of the 70s Brady Bunch era Astroturf lawns. Today, the preferred term is synthetic turf greens, and cutting edge technology has made many advances since the long ago days of cheap looking Astroturf. Synthetic greens look and feels more natural. With the maintenance costs, chemicals and water usage of natural putting greens, it puts many environmentalists at unease. Synthetic greens addresses sustainability issues by providing answers to water usage and maintenance costs.

Synthetic Turf Greens: On the Cutting Edge

One golf course is riding the cutting edge technology for 2010. Cedar Pines, in Andover, is one of the first golf courses to install synthetic greens (the first being in Queensland, Australia). The labor costs they will save on water usage, chemicals, lawn mowers, and aeration fees twice a year like a normal lawn is well worth the decision in being a leader of eco-friendly, green trends.

How will you help make a difference in 2010? Paradise Greens offers beautiful synthetic turf greens for your home, work, or sports environment. In addition, we have the experience and staff to make a difference for you. Most of our staff have been with us since the beginning. They understand synthetic turf greens. In fact, many of them were synthetic turf greens installers before they came on board with us!

Artificial Grass Benefits

And remember, when you install synthetic turf greens you reap all the benefits that come along with them. That’s right, you get low to no maintenance and a permanent evergreen space. Also, kiss your lawn equipment goodbye and get rid of fertilizers and pesticides too! Plus, you are doing your part to impact water conservation.So, if all of this sounds like music to your ears, contact us. We can make it happen!