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artificial turf golf course in Scottsdale Arizona

Higher temperatures in Arizona means a higher water bill.  Artificial grass is a great way to save! While artificial grass does pay off, some are concerned about the up front cost. Little do they know, there are ways to save on a project like this…

Some ways include: a smaller turf area, repurposing existing landscaping materials and utilizing existing curbing like this customer did. Read the details below as to how we completed this beautiful putting green all while staying within this Scottsdale resident’s budget.

ArtificProfesional sod removal for artificial turf preparationial Turf Preparation and Sod Removal Rebates

To prepare the area, we first had to remove the sod.  We used our sod machines to professionally remove all sod including the root base. This will prevent grass from growing back through the artificial turf.

In Arizona, removing sod and replacing it will a low, to no water, landscape alternative can potentially allow you to collect a rebate with your city. Check with your city to see if there is a rebate available for you – click here. Along with a potential rebate from your city, expect a smaller water bill as artificial grass requires no water!

Cost Savings on Artificial Turf Design 

We typically will recommend a design and border options for your artificial turf area. This Scottsdale, Arizona customer was able to save on overall cost as they all ready had a clearly defined area where the artificial turf would fit nicely. The border was set with cement curbing.

As a final touch, we added decorative rock around the perimeter of the curbing. We were able to repurpose the pre-existing decorative rock, which we relocated for this Scottsdale homeowner. This was a design suggestion that helped to add a nice design while providing the customer a significant cost savings.

Affordable Entertainment For Years To Come 

The finished putting green will offer a cost savings for years to come. For the life time of the turf, the customer can enjoy entertainment in the convenience of their backyard. They do not have to pay for gas to travel to a local golf course or putting green. Also, entertaining is easy with this gorgeous putting green. With one of these in your backyard, you would not have to do much to impress your guests! You could enjoy this leisurely, entertaining lifestyle for up to 15 years – which is the expected (and warrantied) life time of our artificial turf.

The photo below is of the finished putting green design. The artificial turf was Paradise Greens Putting Surface which we stimped to a 10.5-11 stimp. For the fringe and lawn area, the customer decided to go with Paradise So Real artificial grass.

personal artificial turf putting green

If you love the idea of installing a putting green in your backyard, ask us how we might be able to fit your set budget. We serve Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas. Call to set up your free artificial turf estimate today! (480) 586 – 0655

Also, hear what this customer had to say about our artificial turf company! View her video testimonial here:

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