Top 3 Ways Artificial Turf Makes You and Your Pet Happier

by | May 16, 2023 | Artificial Turf for Pets

As a proud pet parent, you understand the importance of providing your fur babies with a safe environment to play and relax. Natural grass is natural… and can seem like the best choice, but did you know synthetic grass can be just as safe and make lawn maintenance a breeze?

Trust us when we say it can be a healthy option for your pet while increasing both you and your pet’s happiness.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are the top three ways artificial grass can improve the happiness and health of you and your pet.

Reduced Allergies and Irritations

Imagine a world where your pet can play in the backyard without suffering from irritating itches and sneezing later on. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, one of the main benefits of artificial turf is that it can significantly reduce allergies and skin irritants found in your backyard pet paradise.

On the other hand, natural grass can harbor loads of pollen, dues, and other allergens that can lead to irritating symptoms and even cause your pet to develop respiratory problems.

Maintaining a natural grass lawn calls for using some chemicals and pesticides that are quite harmful to pets if they come into contact with them. With synthetic grass surfaces, you can eliminate those risks and create a safer surface for your pets to play and relax in.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Investing in artificial turf isn’t just great for your pets but also for you!

An artificial lawn is much easier to clean and maintain than a natural lawn – especially when factoring in a pet. With the natural stuff, waste can be challenging to clean up and lead to dead spots and discoloration… which we are sure you’d love to avoid.

However, artificial turf is much easier to clean and maintain. It’s specifically designed to be resistant to pet waste – all you have to do is take your hose to the surface with some mild soap.

We should mention that you can also say goodbye to regular mowing and fertilizing. Talk about a money AND time saver… allowing you to spend more time with your pets.

Durable and Safe for Playtime

Artificial turf is the holy grail of outdoor playtime for pet owners. It’s a durable, slip-resistant surface that keeps furry friends safe, happy, and injury-free.

Unlike natural grass, which can turn into a soggy slippery mess when the weather takes a rainy turn, artificial grass is built to weather even the meanest of storms. Artificial lawns are installed with drainage systems designed to handle storm runoff, allowing it to quickly drain any excess water from the surface.

With its resilience to the elements, synthetic grass gives you peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing your pets can frolic and play to their heart’s content without the risk of mud or injury.

With reduced allergens, easier maintenance, and durability – artificial turf is easily the best option for you and your pets, pawns down.

So go ahead and let your pets run wild; we’ve got you covered!

If you’re interested in learning more about artificial turf for your pets, contact Paradise Greens for a consultation and to learn more about our synthetic grass products.

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