Artificial Grass for Pets – 3 Products You Need to Eliminate Odors

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Artificial Turf for Pets, SYNLawn

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One of the biggest concerns we hear from pet owners about installing artificial grass is the odor issue. It’s the biggest obstacle when pet owners consider transitioning to artificial landscaping – more so even than heat or wear and tear. Luckily there’s never been a better time for a pet owner to switch to artificial grass. Here are three products that together can make pet odors a non-issue.



With all artificial grass installations, we use infill to help grass fibers stand up, but for pets, there is another use for infill – odor absorption. Zeofill is a special type of infill made from volcanic ash. These tiny, negatively-charged honeycomb structures absorb 80% of liquids (that means pet urine) and prevents them from forming ammonium gases – keeping odors from being released into the air and allowing pet urine to slowly drain and evaporate without stinking up your lawn. We use ZeoFill for all of our pet runs.


SYNLawn Super Yarn

SYNLawn is the top artificial grass manufacturer in the USA for a good reason. Their latest Super Yarn offering has a lot of features, but one that is especially important for pet owners – a Sanitized antimicrobial feature baked into the molecular structure. The Sanitized® antimicrobial (and anti-fungal) benefits are obvious when it comes to pets. This silver-based technology prevents the buildup of microbes on the face fibers of the grass, killing odors before they have a chance to develop. While ZeoFill locks in odors from pet urine, it doesn’t kill bacteria. That’s why you need an anti-microbial grass product like Super Yarn in order to have the best defense against pet odors. Together, ZeoFill and Super Yarn can eliminate odors and prevent the buildup of microbes for a solution that treats both the source and the symptoms.  



Usually, Super Yarn and ZeoFill in combination are plenty of odor protection. Often a little bit of vinegar can help eliminate any tricky odors that still refuse to go away. But if you don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to eliminating pet odors, an eco-friendly spray like WysiWash or PE-51 is your last line of defense against odors that just won’t go away. These eco-friendly sprays attach to a hose and allow you to kill any lingering mold, germs, and viruses that may have found their way onto your lawn.  

With all three of these products in play, pet odors don’t stand a chance. Remember, if you’re looking for an artificial grass solution for your pets that can withstand just about anything, contact Paradise Greens, the official installer of SYNLawn for Arizona. 




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