The Perfect Solution for Pool Areas

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Artificial Turf Backyards

If you’ve ever been to a swim meet or pool party where there’s a section of real grass, you probably know that by the end of the day you basically have a mud pit. Heavy foot traffic + pool water + real grass is a recipe for disaster. Not only will that well-manicured grass get torn up, but you’ll literally have a very slippery situation.

Pool safety is a big issue, and kids especially are likely to be running around the pool area when they shouldn’t be. Slip-and-falls happen when things get muddy. Combined with the usual concrete pool area, and you can get some nasty injuries. That’s something we don’t want for anyone.

People may agree or disagree about using artificial grass in the front yard, but one area where it just makes good sense is around a pool. If you have a pool where you escape the heat, our top-quality artificial grass could be just the solution for you. Artificial grass won’t tear up or get muddy. Not only does it greatly reduce the risk of injury, it just makes for a nicer overall experience when swimming or hosting parties. It stays looking good even under heavy foot traffic, pool water, and pets.

Plus, if you’re considering selling your home, there’s nothing that makes your backyard pop quite like a pristine pool surrounded with lush, green, low-maintenance artificial grass. So if you want to complete your backyard, give us a call today!




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