April Showers Bring Artificial Grass!

by | May 3, 2019 | Artificial Turf Backyards, Paradise Greens

It’s no secret, April showers usually bring May flowers. However, if you are Paradise Greens then April showers always bring artificial grass installations! In today’s post, we want to showcase a few of our recent installs and show you why customers choose Paradise Greens. These installs are all unique In their own way. You see, artificial grass variety involves more than just choosing a different type of artificial grass than your neighbor has in their yard.

Of course, at Paradise Greens we have a huge selection to choose from, and our artificial grass is the best. In fact, we only use USA made products to ensure you receive the highest quality artificial grass possible. However, as these installations will prove, you don’t have to choose a different type of artificial grass to add variety to your yard. Artificial grass itself is variety. Take a look at the following green spaces and see for your self. Maybe you are due for a little artificial grass variety yourself!

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule your install. Act now and enjoy some artificial grass variety by summer! Contact us now to speak with one of our qualified artificial grass salespeople. They will be happy to go over the benefits of artificial grass with you. There are so many reasons installing an evergreen space makes sense. need more convincing? Look at these spaces below.

Artificial Grass Variety in North Phoenix and Fountain Hills

When this customer reached out, they wanted to transform their north Phoenix backyard. We were happy to oblige and the end result is simply amazing. Artificial grass was the perfect solution for this homeowners pool space. In fact, you may not be aware there are many reasons to choose artificial grass around a pool space. If you’re tired of grass clippings ending up in your pool or tracking inside your home then consider artificial grass.

artificial grass variety pool space

Artificial grass around this North Phoenix pool improves the look of the entire space.

These customers will not have to worry anymore about grass ending up in places it shouldn’t. Plus, look at the artificial grass variety factor for the entire space. The evergreen grass makes the trees present better. Even the palm trees look more stately than they did before. Plus, with minimal to no maintenance and no worry of brown or bare spots due to shade, seems like these homeowners made the perfect choice.

artificial grass in phoenix backyard

Shady spots stay evergreen with an artificial lawn.

Speaking of artificial grass variety, check out The Fountain Hills install we did this month. It also involves a pool space and the customers are simply thrilled. This simple job yields so much elegance to their pool area, and these homeowners are happy now because no more grass or dirt will track inside their home either. What was once an area prone to brown spots due to constant exposure to the sun‘s heat is now a lush, green oasis.

artificial grass Fountain Hills Arizona

Another poolside transformation with artificial grass.

You can’t argue with results like these. Artificial grass variety occurs the moment you install artificial grass as a landscaping alternative. Also, there is a huge movement to encourage people to grow food not lawns. It’s an admirable idea. Installing an artificial grass lawn is the best compromise in this area if you still want both a garden and evergreen space. The artificial grass variety factor, along with your container or natural garden, will help you maximize an eco-conscious impact on the environment. You get the benefit of grass, without the pesky upkeep. You can leave all the maintenance to your garden!

However, what if you want to add a punch of drama to your yard? Well, take a look at our final install.

Exotic and Dramatic: Another Artificial Grass Backyard Makeover

Yes, this final install also contains a pool area. However, if you didn’t know any better you would think you’ve stepped into a tropical oasis! The large tropical wooden bird and other exotic elements (like the free form pool and tropical wooden post) create an atmosphere that is hard to leave! This is especially true now that these customers have a Paradise Greens backyard! Before you put an umbrella drink in your hand though, let’s make a few points.

artificial grass arizona poolside

Benefits of a Paradise Green Lawn

First, this yard has so much drama now. The evergreen artificial grass makes all of the concrete spaces pop. Talk about artificial grass variety! You could walk around this gorgeous space for hours and never get tired (especially if you have an umbrella drink in your hand.

Second, let’s talk about maintenance. better yet, let’s talk about the lack of it! When you choose artificial grass variety, you choose no lawn equipment. That is a huge money saver right there, in more ways than one. Sure, you won’t have to spend money on gas or lawn equipment maintenance. However. you won’t have to use as many cleaning products to get rid of dirt and debris that will inevitably find its way inside your home! And fertilizers? No need for those either!

Finally, no more yard critters! Do you have a Fifi or Fido plagued by fleas, ticks or other yard pests? Well, send pests packing when you add a little artificial grass variety to your lawn. Artificial grass does not create a suitable environment for pests and bugs. Because of this, they just move elsewhere (like your neighbor’s lawn). What does this mean for you? No more money spent on pesticides.

Conversation Time?

So after seeing this installs, and looking at the benefits of artificial grass, is it time for a conversation? If so, please reach out. We have performed over 5,000 installs. That means we know what we are doing. many of our installers have been with us from the beginning and worked as artificial grass installers before joining our team!

Even better, stop by our Scottsdale, Arizona showroom at 8321 E Gelding Drive Suite 100. There, you can sample any of the products we carry. Can’t make it by? No problem. Let us come to you (we will be happy to bring samples along). Summer will be here before you know it. Now is the perfect time to start planning your own little piece of artificial grass variety. We know you will love it!


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