Why Dogs Love Synthetic Turf

by | Apr 13, 2019 | Artificial Turf for Pets

Recently, we did another install for a customer who needed a pet friendly synthetic turf option. When they called us, we were happy to help. All of our products are safe for pets. In fact, our pet friendly synthetic turf is the safest option for your fur baby. The reason? We only use products made and manufactured in the United States. Therefore, you can rest easy. There are no toxic materials in our pet friendly synthetic turf fibers. In addition, our products are allergy free.

Benefits of Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf

In addition, think of the benefits pet friendly synthetic turf offers. For starters, say goodbye to watering and lawn maintenance. Both of these make a huge impact in different areas. As far as watering goes, pet friendly synthetic turf gives a huge boost to water conservation. Water conservation research suggests 70% of household water usage goes toward watering your lawn. Installing our pet friendly synthetic turf can make a real difference. Every drop of water we save by installing pet friendly synthetic turf makes a positive impact on our environment. Think of it as a solid way to protect your local watershed.

Also, lawn maintenance becomes a thing of the past. Think of the time and money you will save with our pet friendly synthetic turf. You can sell your lawn equipment since you won’t need it. This makes a huge positive impact on the environment too. Why? Because no harmful pollutants or carcinogens find their way into our O-Zone layer.

To go one step further, think about runoff. Since fertilizers and pesticides are no longer needed, they don’t end up in our water supply. This means our lakes, rivers, streams and local water supplies are that much cleaner. This is extremely important for water fowl, fish and other creatures that call water ecosystems home. Pet friendly synthetic turf makes a difference!

What About Waste and Odor?

These are just a couple of the ancillary benefits of installing pet friendly synthetic turf. And if you are worried about cleanup, don’t be. Cleaning pet friendly synthetic turf is easy. Simply spritz it with water occasionally to remove dirt and other debris. If Fido has a favorite spot to lay a gift or two, just remove the waste as you normally would. Then, spray the affected area water. You will find it easily drains through the infill into the sub strata, gone forever.

In addition, we offer an odor barrier if you have several dogs, or larger dogs, and are worried about potential odor issues from waste. Our Zeofill and feel actually neutralizes urine and feces odor. The end result is a fresh, green, great looking lawn.

Why Your Dog Loves Synthetic Turf

Finally, remember that artificial grass does not encourage digging. That’s right, your dog can’t destroy artificial grass because it’s, well, artificial. The tendency to dig is removed because synthetic grass fibers Are not as enticing as natural grass. However, your pooch will love the way it feels. Look at the two photos on this post. Seems like these dogs love pet friendly synthetic turf.

Finally, your pooch will love your new itch-free lawn. That’s right, pet friendly synthetic turf does not create a sustainable habitat for pests. As a result, insects like spiders, ticks and fleas go elsewhere. Your dog won’t itch or scratch. But that’s not all though. No bug bites means a decrease in potential for infection.

What we are trying to say is your dog won’t end up at the vet with a nasty infection from an insect bite. From a holistic standpoint, pet friendly synthetic turf makes the most sense where animals are concerned. Plus, you will save money on those vet bills.

Paradise Greens is Ready to Help

So, if you have a for baby and are curious about our pet friendly synthetic turf, contact us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are on standby. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Even better, if you can stop by our Scottsdale, Arizona show room you can view any product we carry. We have so many options and your pet will love every one of them!

We have samples on hand for you to see and feel the quality of our pet friendly synthetic turf. Of course, if you can’t come to us we will always come to you. That’s why it’s important for you to reach out and start a conversation. Together, we will make sure our pet friendly turf transforms your lawn into a beautiful space for years to come.

We have the industry awards and testimonials to prove it. For more than a decade, Paradise Greens has been servicing Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Glendale, Phoenix, Tempe and other surrounding areas. Give us a try and see why we have been making pets happy and comfortable for years!

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