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So we get it; you have reservations about switching to synthetic grass. Is it really environmentally friendly? Will I really save a ton of money? Or, maybe you keep picturing the vintage, Brady Bunch-esque Astroturf that was a rudimentary attempt at creating a natural-looking fake lawn. Seems like everywhere you turn you hear synthetic grass makes conserving water simple.

While it may seem too good to be true, it’s not. Yet, it helps that Paradise Greens uses cutting edge artificial grass technology. Gone are the days of cheaply made, flimsy-looking Astroturf. And unlike early fake grass predecessors, Paradise Greens synthetic turf looks and feels like natural grass. And given Arizona’s worsening water shortage, switching to a water less lawn makes sense. So environmentally conscious folks are comfortable with synthetic lawns. Because they eliminate maintenance costs, customers are a huge fan. And all those fertilizers that seep into our water supplies? Seems like they are no longer needed. You can forget those. Besides that, synthetic grass makes everything better.

Why Synthetic Grass Makes Conserving Water Simple

Obviously, the biggest draw is how many thousands of gallons of precious water a household or business can save each year. Seems like getting rid of a natural lawn has a built in perk. So yes, synthetic grass makes conserving water simple. Paradise Greens is addressing a global natural resource sustainability issue by making it possible to conserve water in this way.

Back in 2010, Cedar Pines golf course in Andover was one of the very first courses to use synthetic grass. Seems they hopped on board early with new synthetic grass technology. Consequently, this saved thousands of gallons of water over the past 6 years! Not only that, they save a lot on lawn maintenance too. It’s an astronomical amount. So make the practical decision for you, your household, and our planet.

In conclusion, as we ring in the New Year, make one of your resolutions to give us a call. Start respecting the earth by doing your part to stave off the water crisis. Together we can make a difference. Most of all, we can help you transform your outdoor space. With some of the best installers in the business, Paradise Greens is the obvious choice.

While your neighbors will be stuck mowing the lawn, you could enjoy an artificial grass oasis. Maybe that’s not what drives you. However, if it does, we won’t tell. Of course, you won’t care anyway. You will be too busy enjoying your new lawn.