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by | Aug 7, 2014 | Testimonials

Nothing is more important to us then to have an expert artificial turf installation experience go smoothly from beginning to end. Hence, I love how this Arizona customer puts it, “No bs and smooth all the way”.


Expert Artificial Turf Installation: What it Takes

So what does BS expert artificial turf installation involve? And what does no BS mean exactly? Maybe it means “big stories” or “bologna sandwich?” Yeah, we don’t think so either. Maybe we just say it this way. If the first word is “bull” you can figure out the rest. So what does expert installation require? Honestly, three things by our reckoning, and we reckon often!

  1. Experience. Of course, nobody wants to undergo heart surgery with a first time heart surgeon. Consequently, the same is true for expert artificial turf installation. As a result, you want an experienced crew. Seems like Paradise Greens has one of the best. Probably this has to do with many of our installers signing on at the beginning… a decade ago. Before that, they had previous install experience as well. So in our opinion, you won’t find a better team!
  2. Know How. As it happens, all of our install staff are trained in every area of the process. So while they may specialize in a particular part of the process (i.e. removal, base prep, infill, artificial grass install), they are fully capable of handling each component. Consequently, this type of strength allows us to do a perfect job every time.
  3. Focus. Finally, no expert artificial turf installation completes without focus. In fact, focus is essential to good work. So how do we do it? Seems like customer service is the short answer. Therefore, from the beginning of the process to the end, our staff listen to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded. So by focusing on the customer, we can’t lose! Rather than tell you though, listen again to our customer’s testimony. No BS, we love it!

Let Paradise Greens Give You a No BS Experience

So if you are looking for no, “No BS and smooth all the way,” give us a call! At Paradise Greens, we will work to make sure your install is perfect. Hence, you will enjoy your green space for years to come. Honestly, nothing beats an expert artificial turf installation. Let Paradise Greens show you why!

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