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by | Oct 20, 2013 | Recent News

What an amazing artificial grass lawn install by our professional crew! That’s not the only amazing thing though. There are three other aspects we find more amazing than a rabbit popping out of a magician’s hat. They are as follows: no watering, no pesticides, no maintenance. Let’s unpack this a bit further. Afterward, you will see artificial grass does a lot more than look amazing. The benefits leave one equally awe struck as well (Hey, we are trying to go with the whole amazing theme. Humor us).

amazing artificial grass

Amazing Artificial Grass Benefits

One of the main benefits of artificial grass is the low maintenance aspect. Sure, we realize we mentioned no maintenance before. However, that is a bit on the side of lofty grand illusions. However, artificial grass is incredibly low-maintenance. For instance, since it doesn’t grow, it never needs to be cut. So sell your lawn equipment on eBay and pocket the cash. Furthermore, should it get dirty, a simple spritz with a water hose is all it takes. For pet waste, simply remove the solid material and rinse with water. If only natural lawns were this easy.

Also, since we are on the subject of water, consider benefit number two. Since artificial grass requires no water, your water bill will shrink. That’s good news for your wallet. It’s also very good news for water conservation, an ever constant concern for Arizona. Think of artificial grass as a one-two punch. The low-maintenance aspect contributes to a lower carbon footprint. And no watering contributes heavily towards water conservation. Seems like amazing artificial grass installs do amazing things. Yet, it only gets better. Let’s look it one more benefit.

Installing artificial grass means saying goodbye to pesticides. That’s right, bugs simply don’t thrive in an artificial grass environment because, it’s swell, artificial. In order for insect life to occur, minerals, dirt and other nutrients need to be present. Those are completely absent in an artificial grass ecosystem. Therefore, an environment for bugs simply does not exist. As a result, they go elsewhere and search for other places to live, as well as other things to eat. So, if you decide to have a container garden, you might find yourself dealing with a lot fewer bugs! That’s another amazing artificial grass benefit.

Paradise Greens Can Make Your Lawn Amazing!

So, if you have considered artificial grass and are curious about making the switch, contact Paradise Greens. We would love to go over all of the amazing artificial grass benefits with you. We have only listed a few here,but there are so many. Contact our office today and let’s design your install. You have so much to gain, and an amazing artificial grass lawn to enjoy for years to come.

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