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by | Oct 3, 2012 | Recent News

We recently donated over 180 square feet of the premium Artificial Turf to the “Lost Our Home” Dog Rescue for their “Date Night”. This Arizona pet rescue event was centered around the pets to give them a night out on the town. Paradise greens was a vendor at the location providing pet owners with information about the benefits of utilizing artificial grass in your home and yards with pets.

Arizona Pet Rescue Reminds Us of Artificial Grass Benefits

We could not think of a more adorable way to support pets who need a break. Of course, they were there to strut their stuff in style. Many furry feet strutted their stuff up and down the artificial grass boardwalk in style. As a result, it brought a few things to mind. We would like to remind you of the following artificial grass benefits.

Low Maintenance

Our date night pals would agree, artificial grass is low maintenance. Also, artificial grass requires no watering. In addition, it is evergreen, soft and lush, it is the perfect way to create a permanent evergreen space! Also think about never using your lawn mower again, and NEVER wrangling a hose to water your lawn! Yeah, that is something to consider for sure.


So you think recycling is doing all you can to conserve resources? What about water conservation? Artificial grass is the solution for water conservation. Our Arizona pet rescue friends would love to remind you that replacing your lawn with artificial grass gives them more water to drink in the long run. how is that for a positive environmental impact.

Chemical and Pesticide Free

Our Arizona pet rescue friends did not itch or scratch once walking across our artificial grass. Seems like artificial grass does not create a suitable habitat for bugs or other pests to thrive. As a result, they don’t stick around. Also, no fertilizers or herbicides are needed to keep artificial grass pristine and green. This is one less thing in the mix that could create an allergy for your pet.

So if you want artificial grass for your space, contact us. Paradise Greens can make it happen!

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