So you’re in your kitchen getting your favorite drink, gazing out the window at your beautiful backyard.

Reality Check #1: “I have to get out there and mow the yard, then I have to rake up the clippings, then I should give it a quick watering along with some fertilizer, then I can wait a few days and do it all again.”

Reality Check #2: “I love my new artificial turf lawn that I just had put in. I think I’ll sit here and enjoy it, or better yet I think I’ll go outside and enjoy it. Seems like I don’t have to mow, water, weed or fertilize anymore. I’ve got the best lawn in the neighborhood. I love my beautiful backyard.“

Artificial Turf: Making a Beautiful Backyard

The desert southwest is really not the best environment for real grass. It is however an excellent choice for artificial turf if you want a beautiful backyard. So, you can have a groomed lawn all year round. Furthermore,yYou don’t have to put up with the dirt, dust, mud and other things that kids and pets track back into the house. The plush green enhances and adds value to the look of your home.

Taking care of a real lawn is an uphill battle here in Arizona. It takes lots of water, fertilizer, herbicides and of course mowing. Not to mention the once a year fun of over seeding. Artificial turf is virtually maintenance free. All you have to do is use a blower or lawn vacuum to clear debris. If you have pets you will no longer have those unsightly dead grass spots. Rather, you will have a beautiful backyard.

All of our turf is very kid and pet friendly. Most people have to look hard to tell if our grass is real or not. With the wide range of colors and weight, the appearance of our turf definitely looks authentic.

Artificial turf has a fairly large upfront cost but in most cases will pay for itself in less than 5 years, which will definitely be beneficial to the homeowner since most turfs last for 15 – 20 years. Most installations can be done in under one day.

Eco-Friendly to Boot!

Artificial turf is also environmentally friendly. It is a completely green (no pun intended) product. Many turfs are made from recycled materials. It is also beneficial for homeowners to check with their local city municipalities, as many offer a rebate program for removing your old grass and putting in turf. There is nothing like having a beautiful backyard that is also environmentally friendly!

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