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We get it; you have reservations about switching to synthetic grass. Is it really as environmentally friendly as you keep hearing? Will I really save money? Or maybe you keep picturing the vintage, Brady Bunch-esque Astroturf that was a rudimentary attempt at creating a natural-looking fake lawn.

Nowadays, Paradise Greens has the cutting edge of the latest artificial grass technology. Gone are the days of cheaply made, flimsy-looking Astroturf. Unlike it’s early fake grass predecessors, Paradise Greens synthetic turf looks and feels like your natural sodded lawn. And, of course, with today’s worsening water shortage, the switch to a virtually waterless lawn makes sense. Environmentally conscious folks are comfortable with synthetic lawns because they eliminate not only maintenance costs, but the need for all those chemicals that seep into our water supplies.

Obviously, the biggest draw is how many thousands of gallons of precious water a household or business can save each year by getting rid of the natural lawn. Paradise Greens is addressing a global natural resource sustainability issue by making it possible to conserve water in this way.

Back in 2010, the Cedar Pines golf course in Andover was one of the very first courses to implement synthetic grass. They hopped on board with cutting edge synthetic grass technology early, saving thousands and thousands of gallons of precious water for almost the past 6 years! Not only that, but the amount of money they are still saving on labor services for lawn maintenance is astronomical. Make the practical decision for you, your household, and our planet.

As we ring in the New Year, make one of your resolutions to give us a call. Start respecting our beautiful earth and doing your part to get past this water crisis.