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Home Landing Water Rebate Program

Water Rebate Program

Water Conservation info and rebate programs

Contact: Water conservation office, (623) 932-1909
Assistance: Residents can report water running on sidewalks or into the streets.
More information: http://www.ci.avondale.az.us/index.asp

Contact: Water conservation office, (480) 782-3580
Rebate programs: Sprinkler timer, $72 for installing an automatic timer on a sprinkler or irrigation system. Landscaping, $200, for installing desert landscaping on 50% or more of front, back yards, inspection required.
Classes: Series of workshops and classes offered on landscaping, sprinkler systems.
Publications: Materials available on landscaping, conserving water indoors and outdoors; home water audit book to help determine water use, find waste.
More information: http://www.chandleraz.gov/default.aspx?pageID=369

Contact: Water conservation office, (480) 503-6098
Assistance: Home water audits, do-it-yourself water audits, landscape consultation; conservation advice and self-assessments for homeowners and multi-family and business owners.
Classes: Workshops, classes offered on landscaping, irrigation, desert plants.
Publications: Free brochures on xeriscaping, native plants, home water management.
More information: http://www.ci.gilbert.az.us/water/default.cfm

Contact: Water conservation office, (623) 930-3596
Rebate programs: Desert landscape, $100 for converting 50% or more of landscapable areas to xeriscape or non-grass landscape. Sprinkler timer, $35 for installing an automatic sprinkler timer on irrigation systems.
Assistance: On-site landscape consultations; botanical garden with xeriscaping ideas.
Classes: Free classes on landscaping, native plants, irrigation, home water conservation.
Publications: Water conservation kit with materials about landscape design, native plants and water use. Some available online.
More information: http://www.glendaleaz.com/waterconservation

Contact: Water management department, (623) 932-3010
Assistance: Comprehensive home water audit, including self-assessment, electronic evaluation of water use and in-home analysis. Cost is $40.
More information: http://www.ci.goodyear.az.us

Contact: Water conservation office, (480) 644-3306
Rebate programs: We now have a program that rebates customers who remove at least 500 square feet of living grass with low water use plants.
Assistance: School education programs; rewards for innovated water management by businesses; xeriscape demonstration garden; online help in landscaping, irrigation.
Classes: Landscape classes offered.
Publications: Materials available about desert plants, water use on lawns and other landscaping, irrigation methods, home conservation.
More information: http://mesaaz.gov/conservation

Contact: Water conservation office, (623) 773-7286
Rebate programs: Install hot water recirculating system, $100. Landscaping, up to $550 credit for converting to low-water landscaping. Sprinkler timer, up to $30 credit for installing a timer on automatic irrigation system.
Classes: Free classes on landscape design, plant selection, landscape maintenance and irrigation timers.
Publications: Water conservation packet available, with books, pamphlets on indoor, outdoor conservation.
More information: http://www.peoriaaz.gov/content2.asp?ID=1273

Contact: Water conservation office, (602) 261-8367
Assistance: Online interactive landscaping guide; education programs for schools; toilet leak test kit.
Classes: Landscaping class series offered through the Desert Botanical Garden.
Publications: Variety of books, pamphlets on landscaping, home water use, irrigation.
More information: http://phoenix.gov/waterservices/wrc/index.html

Contact: Water conservation office, (480) 312-5670
Rebate programs: Low-flow shower head, $5; low-flow toilet, $75; landscaping, up to $1500 credit for installing xeriscape on at least 75% of landscapable areas, inspection required; irrigation timer, $250 credit for installing controller on automatic sprinkler system.
Assistance: Do-it-yourself water audit kit; on-staff horticulturist, irrigation specialist.
Classes: Free classes on landscaping, plant selection, irrigation systems.
More information: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/water.asp

Contact: Water conservation program, (623) 875-4290
Publications: Conservation brochures available on request.
More information: http://www.surpriseaz.com/index.asp?NID=134

Contact: Water conservation office, (480) 350-2668
Rebate programs: Landscaping, up to $250 for front yard, $250 for back yard for converting from grass to low-water landscape; plumbing, up to $75 for replacing old toilet with low-flow model; toilet rebates offered for multi-family housing, up to $5,000.
Assistance: Plumbing retrofit kit for homes built before 1980, including low-flow shower head, toilet attachments, faucet aerators, leak detection tablets; school gardening grants.
Publications: Water conservation materials available on request.
More information: http://www.tempe.gov/index.aspx?page=2516