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Artificial grass offers many advantages over natural grass. Installing artificial grass in the lawn makes sense in a number of different ways. From being more sustainable and easy to care for to leaving a smaller carbon footprint in the environment, installing artificial grass is the way to go for homeowners. In this article, we will discuss five great benefits of using artificial grass for the lawn.

1. Artificial Grass is Great for the Environment

Artificial grass in the homes trumps natural grass when it comes to the sustainability of the environment. The bare fact is that a natural lawn takes a lot of water. Thousands of gallons of water are wasted in keeping the lawn maintained. This is a cause of great concern in drought-stricken areas in the central and southwestern regions in the US. The fact that artificial grass does not require any water makes it the perfect solution for such areas.

Apart from requiring no water, artificial grass does not require the use of fertilizers. Application of fertilizers can pollute the underwater reservoirs. Nitrates present in most lawn fertilizers can enter the groundwater below, polluting the environment.  There is no risk of pollution with artificial grass.   

2. It’s Long Lasting

Another great benefit of artificial grass is that they tend to last for a long time, remaining lush green and visually appealing. The grass will not be affected by heavy foot traffic either! Whether you have children or pets, the grass can take the pounding without any wear and tear. This makes them cost effective for installing inside the house. Your grass will remain the envy of the neighbors, particularly during the drought season.

3. Great for Sport and Play Areas

Sport and play areas can benefit the most from artificial grass. Fields containing artificial grass have a broader space for playability. There are no rough patches during droughts or muddy areas in case of heavy rains. No more worrying about canceling practices or games due to extreme water conditions. Apart from that, there will be fewer chances of injuries as the artificial grass surfaces will cover the entire field.  

4. Ideal for Senior Individuals

Artificial grass is perfect for homes with senior individuals. Older people generally don’t have to deal with the physical aspect of looking after the lawn. Nor do they have to pay a professional gardening company to look after the lawn. The artificial lawn will look green and beautiful with minimum upkeep and maintenance.  

5. Great for Holiday Homes

People that own holiday homes can also benefit from installing artificial grass. The lawn will look great all year long without any extra cost or effort. There is no need to employ a professional to take care of the lawn for them when they’re away.  

The bottom line is that artificial grass is very are easy to maintain. Unlike natural grass, there is no need to mow the lawn or apply fertilizer to the artificial grass. They are much easier to clean as well. The grass will look green and pleasing all year long without any effort or additional cost incurred by the homeowner.