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Arizona has been facing water shortages for the past few years. This has put the responsibility on the shoulders of every Arizonian to play his or her part in water conservation. The judicious use of water resources is important more than ever, not just in Arizona but all over continental USA. This is important for the sustainability of the environment.

One way you can play your part in ensuring sustainable living is by replacing the natural lawn in your house with artificial grass. Why?

The points mentioned in this article will convince you about the benefits of artificial grass in making the environment more sustainable.

The Dangerous Facts about Natural Lawn

Natural lawn results in a massive drain of water. The average American uses about 21,000 gallons of water in maintaining the lawn. When it comes to sandy soils in Phoenix, Arizona, the water drains quickly and results in great water waste.  

But that’s not the only negative point of maintaining a natural lawn.

Think about the things that you use to make the house look green. If you are like most Americans, the use of fertilizers will probably be the first to pop into your head. However, what many people don’t know is that fertilizers are made using fuel oil, which when released to the atmosphere results in massive environmental pollution.   

About 560 pounds of fertilizer is made using a barrel of oil.  Considering the fact that the Americans use about 3 million metric tons of fertilizer every year to make their natural lawn look great, this collectively results in consumption of a whooping 11.8 million barrels annually!  

Mowing the lawn is another factor that harms the environment. A study conducted by the Sweden’s Stockholm University revealed that an hour of mowing is equivalent to about 100 miles of auto pollution.  

Install Artificial Grass for Sustainable and Green Living

The fact cannot be denied that a house lawn consisting of natural grass is a menace for our environment. In this context, artificial grass can serve as a perfect alternative to natural lawns in Phoenix, Arizona.

The best thing about artificial grass is that it doesn’t require watering. What’s more, there is no need for mowing or applying fertilizers to the artificial grass. Artificial grass will look green all year long in every season, especially for those of you in Phoenix, Arizona. For drought stricken areas, installing artificial grass is not just an optional activity, but a necessity. However, make sure that you buy a quality product that won’t need replacement for decades or even more.

High quality astro turf can last for a long time without requiring any upkeep. For sustainable living in Phoenix, Arizona, astro turf is the right answer. The artificial grass can be installed in your outdoor kitchen, pet areas, around the pool, on the patio, or a play area for the kids. For people who are serious about doing their best for a green future, installing artificial grass is a great decision.