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We have had to redo way too many putting greens during our 10+ years in business. For this reason, we were inspired to write this article in order to help Arizona homeowners or Arizona commercial property owners to avoid the horrible mistake of hiring a poor putting green installation company or using inferior products for our harsh southwest environment.

Know these things when purchasing your putting green:

1. Are putting green companies comparable?

All Arizona putting greens companies are not a “hole in one”. You have to be careful who you receive your bid from as there is most likely a reason one is more expensive than the other. Keep in mind, if a putting green install sounds really cheap, likely it’s too good to be true. A putting green is something you do not necessarily want to cut corners with either. Paradise Greens and Turf Company in Scottsdale, Arizona is an award winning putting green installation company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
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2. Make sure you have a putting green specialist to do the job.

Some landscape companies claim to do everything under the sun – including installing putting greens. In some cases, the landscaper may actually have a connection with a reputable artificial grass installer. On the other hand, a landscaper may try to save on overall cost and hire an un-experienced installer to do the putting green install. Since you want to know what you are paying for, ask to know what putting green installer they are working with so you can do your own background research.

3. Make sure the putting green artificial turf is USA made.

Is the company offering USA manufactured products or are the artificial grass products foreign from China for example? Bare in mind, foreign artificial grass products do not last in the hot Arizona weather. Horror stories include artificial grass melting and tracking inside onto the carpet.
Paradise Greens artificial grass is made exclusively for our harsh southwest Arizona environment and we proudly only offer USA manufactured artificial grass.  We have seen the competition go to foreign products and we are replacing those products within five years from when the customer purchased it…sometimes within three years. Our USA made artificial grass products have warranties that are up to 15 years.

4. Know how long the putting green company has been in business for.

Be weary of how long an artificial turf company has been in business as this can be telling of a lot of factors including their experience level. Also, beware of young companies as well because it’s too common where a landscape company will go out of business because of a bad reputation and then simply rebrand themselves in order to continue doing business with a clean slate.  At Paradise Greens, we have been specializing in artificial grass for over ten years, making us the longest established artificial grass company in the local Scottsdale, Arizona area.

5. Is the putting green installation crew experienced?

 You can choose the best artificial grass but does the company’s crew have the experience to install the grass?  This is very important when it comes to putting greens.  Will the artificial grass have the correct stimp speed per the customer request for example?  Will the breaks and undulations be realistic and playable for the size green you are desiring?

6. Look at photos of previous putting green installs.

The before photos you see is of a competitor putting green.  The installation was too small to be practical.  The break was way too aggressive for the size green.  The putting surface could not be made faster/slower stimp speed.

Paradise Greens came in and installed the putting surface as it should have been installed the first time for this happy Arizona home owner. The putting green now has realistic breaks and speed of the green is spot on at 11 stimp for this home owner. In the photo below, it’s also obvious in how much nicer this putting green looks compared to the before pictures. This is also due to the fact that our artificial turf installation crew has over ten years of experience, is extremely detail orientated and has an acute aesthetic sensibility for artificial turf and putting green design.  See the before and after photos below:


Before and after photos putting green Arizona


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