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Hello Arizona! It’s that time of year again –  monsoon season. Not only do you have to worry about your grass lawn surviving the record-breaking heat, but now you also have to worry about your lawn surviving the torrential down pour of monsoon season. Read below why Paradise Greens is a great choice for Arizona’s severe monsoon weather patterns including down pours of heavy rain and intermittent periods of intense heat.

Artificial Turf Landscaping Withstands Arizona Monsoon Season

Artificial Turf That Can Withstand Heavy Rain

Drains Up To 40 Gallons an Hour Per Square Foot

First of all, our synthetic turf is porous with a great drainage system built in and drains up to 40 gallons an hour per square foot! This means no standing water for mosquitos to thrive. Also, with artificial turf, any surrounding plants will not be drowned in puddles of collected rain.

Not Harmed By Excessive Rain Water

Excessive water will not harm or degrade your artificial turf. The only thing rain will do is make your artificial turf sparkle and glisten with wet dew!

On the other hand, too much water can actually be harmful to a real grass lawn. So in Arizona monsoon season, heavy monsoon rains could likely drown, suffocate and kill your real grass lawn. There is no defense against this heavy rain fall unless maybe you build a canopy above your real grass lawn – which would be quite ridiculous.

Artificial Turf That Can Withstand Intense Heat

Properties to combat intense heat

We know that monsoon season is not only packed with intermittent torrential down pours of heavy rain but also times of intense heat. So if your looking to landscape your yard, and make sure it is ready to withstand all types of weather patterns that Arizona’s Monsoon season brings, that includes being prepared for the heat as well as the heavy rain.  Artificial grass is a great choice to withstand the heat as Paradise Greens artificial turf is built with a cooling technology to keep it a comfortable temperature in even the hottest of Arizona weather – including temperatures exceeding 120 degrees!

No water required during periods of drought

Also, when water is sparse in between down pours of rain, no water is needed to keep your artificial lawn looking as luscious as the first day it was installed! Unlike real grass where regular watering is necessary to keep it alive.

What other tips do you have to help your landscaping survive Arizona’s monsoon season? Share your tips with us!

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