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Arizona Home with Aritificial lawn by Paradise Greens

If you want to certify your home as eco-friendly, or if you are looking into building a green home, you may want to look into the “LEED” certification process which stands for: “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.”


LEED Certification Process

To become LEED certified, you have to go through someone who is qualified and trained in LEED certification called a “Green Rater.” Your home will be rated on specific factors including your home’s current energy savings, water efficiency, carbon emissions levels and landfill waste levels…etc.



LEED Point System

90 to 136 points: Platinum certLEED certification arizonaification

75 to 89 points: Gold certification

60 to 74 points: Silver certification

45 to 59 points simply certified

Source: U.S. Green Building Council




LEED Rating Systems

There are two different versions of the LEED for Homes rating system available for projects to certify under: v2008 and v4.

LEED for Homes v2008 credit requirements:

LEED for Homes v4 credit requirements:


Popular Ways to Create A Sustainable Home

If you are not sure where to start in order to create your sustainable home, one way to gain LEED points is with an artificial lawn which is becoming an extremely popular landscaping option in states like Arizona and California. When searching for eco-friendly artificial turf, be sure to ask if the artificial grass is recyclable.