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stop overwatering grassIt would be no surprise if your lawn didn’t make it out alive this summer. For desert-dwellers and residents of typically dry climates, especially, it’s nearly impossible to keep grass lush and green, especially during the hotter months. As temperatures go up, those immaculate and strictly maintained Lawns Of The Month have turned into sad, dry, stretches of dead grass.

Even in fairly humid areas, a shortage of rainfall can happen, which leads to local water restrictions, which means bad news for grass. So what about your deceased yard?

Luckily, there is a way to regain that carefully groomed greenery. Permanently. There is an alternative that doesn’t need a drop of precious water to remain vibrant and green: a synthetic lawn.

Artificial turf is a revolutionary landscaping alternative that is booming globally. And if saving up to 70% on your water bill each month isn’t enough of a reason to switch, there are plenty more benefits to installing a synthetic lawn. Here are the highlights:

  • Zero maintenance. Year-round. That’s right, no more weekends wasted mowing the yard. And no more paying the landscapers to do it for you, either.
  • Eliminate the need for toxic chemicals. No fertilizer, no herbicides, and no pesticides mean no chemicals released into the environment, and no allergic reactions to them.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with artificial turf that is LEED certified, and made of 100% recyclable materials.

Your lawn is part of your home, and you take pride in keeping it all beautiful, as well as safe and healthy for your family and pets. Paradise Greens synthetic lawns will stay beautiful for up to 15 years, resisting degradation from microorganisms, rot, mildew, and fungus. Better yet, artificial turf does not require harmful fertilizers and pesticides to be maintained like natural grass, which is easily tracked inside your home.

If you’re ready to make the smart, eco-friendly switch to a synthetic lawn, now is the perfect time to get started before winter is upon us. After all, the grass is greener on the Paradise side!