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Having green grass in the desert is a year round process and as the inevitable change in temperature approaches many of us are forced to start the transitioning of our home lawn from Summer Bermuda grass over to Ryegrass for the Winter.

It is estimated that watering 500 square feet of winter grass takes about 10,000 gallons of water each season that number will double if not triple for maintaining natural grass during the summer months. If you do not have a separate meter for landscape water use, your sewer fees may go up as a result of winter Ryegrass irrigation. In Scottsdale, sewer fees are based on water usage during the months of December, January, and February. However, if you for-go the overseeding process you are left with a dormant, white colored lawn from November to April.

Instead of overseeding which brings with it the costs for labor, seed, fertilizer, and water homeowners should consider a beautiful, green year-round, zero maintenance artificial grass Lawn from Paradise Greens.

Charlie Ferer, President & CEO of Paradise Greens commented ”A synthetic grass lawn from Paradise Greens is not only environmentally responsible but can significantly cut costs by eliminating maintenance of a natural lawn enabling homeowners to see a return on their investment in four years.” The lifespan of an artificial grass lawn installed by Paradise Greens is 15 years, so you will recoup your investment over four times during its lifetime.