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artificial-turf-that-is-safe-for-petsIf you own dogs you know the challenges of maintaining natural grass. With Paradise Greens midiron artificial grass those challenges go away and your dog won’t even know the difference. You will no longer have to spend the time and money maintaining your lawn, spending money on water and pesticides and reseeding it each year.

More importantly for the dog owner is that synthetic grass is durable for active pets. Dogs won’t be able to dig through it, or carry mud tracks into the house. The best perk comes with the easy care of dog waste. Synthetic grass will not stain and urine actually drains right through the material and we will use the industry’s most recognized artificial turf deodorizer, ZeoFill® which is a non-toxic granule-tan infill solution.

You can be rest assured that your pets will be safe and happy with your new purchase, and you will be happier not having to clean up stains or smell strong unwanted scents.

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