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Artificial grass has gotten something of a bad rap in recent years. However there is a reason that this kind of synthetic turf remains fairly popular. These are some of the more significant advantages of using synthetic grass:

  • Substantially easier and cheaper maintenance
  • More environmentally friendly due to the elimination of emissions from lawnmowers – not to mention the large amounts water saved
  • Less slippery and therefore safer than traditional grass surfaces
  • Cannot be dug up or destroyed by dogs

This last point makes artificial grass particularly popular with doggie daycares, kennels, pet hotels, and dog parks. However, some groundskeepers and property owners remain hesitant to make the switch to artificial turf for a seemingly very good reason: potentially overwhelming pet odor problems.

Natural grass and dirt are better at absorbing the odor from pet messes than traditional artificial grass, and kennels and dog parks that use older types of artificial grass do have to clean and deodorize the turf often.

However, there is now some good news for owners of any outdoor areas that dogs use: thanks to Zeofill, you can now get all of the benefits of artificial grass with none of the odor issues. Zeofill is engineered to eliminate the odor that used to be associated with artificial grass by not allowing ammonium to convert into the gas which is the primary odor-causing agent in pet urine. In other words, thanks to Zeofill artificial grass is a whole new, odor free ballgame.

Zeofill is distributed exclusively by Paradise Greens. For landscapers, groundskeepers, and property owners who want to take advantage of this brilliantly beneficial new technology, Paradise Greens is the way to go.