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Paradise Greens is the exclusive distributor for ZeoFill® in Arizona.

ZeoFill® is a non-toxic granule-tan substance, Artificial Turf Deodorizer is the most unpretentious component in the synthetic grass system. The odor controlling negatively charged property of ZeoFill® is the 21st century advancement in the science of pet deodorizers. At 97+% pure, ZeoFill® is recognized as having the purest ingredients in the world with the least impurities. Other companies advertising pet odor control granules which have nickel, chromium, lead, clay, silica and/or volcanic glass would have to use twice as much product to accomplish the same odor controlling effects as ZeoFill®.

ZeoFill® is most effective when mixed into the fibers of the turf, at a recommended rate of 1 pound per square feet for smaller dogs, 2 pounds per square feet for medium dogs and 3 pounds per square feet for large or multiple dogs. The surface of ZeoFill® granules are continuously adsorbing, trapping ammonia bacteria and preventing gases from escaping. Whether a dog urinates on ZeoFill® or near it, the odors will be adsorbed and helped controlled.

100% permeable, water will flow through ZEOFILLs porous, honeycombed like molecular structure and retain 55% of the moisture cooling the turf for longer periods of time than silica sand while still maintaining the odor controlling properties. Cools turf fibers up to 20 degrees using the evapotranspiration effect which is the sum of perspiration and evaporation which is nature’s way of cooling real sod.

No need to replace after time, ZeoFill® will recharge itself with sodium ion from rainwater for continuous usage. A turf enzyme cleaner works great with ZeoFill® in drier climates where rain is scarce.

Unlike silica, ZeoFill® is 100% Natural and Environmentally Safe which will not harm the body if swallowed or inhaled. The ingredients of ZeoFill® are known for detoxing and removing hazardous materials from the body.

ZeoFill® is sold in 50-pound bags and is ZEOFILLs number one choice infill product. It is specifically engineered to keep a dog’s lawn sanitary by help controlling annoying urine smell.

ZeoFill® with the amazing negative properties – Can even be applied on top of any existing infill no matter how long the turf was installed. Great product for your maintenance program!

The key ingredient in ZeoFill® is a non-toxic organic certified substance that adsorbs (not absorbs) the ammonia-based odors from pet urine, similar to a box of baking soda that removes odor from a refrigerator.

ZeoFill® naturally occurring micro porous mineral formed where volcanic ash reacted with pure alkaline groundwater millions of years ago. They have many other industrial and commercial uses – cleaning up oil spills, the production of medical-grade oxygen, any water purification including water treatment plants, swimming pool media, pond filtration, ice traction control, great soil amendment for plants, horse stall freshener which helps thrush and eliminate flies.

ZeoFill® is the perfect pet-protection product which is eco-friendly and contains no heavy metals or silica dust. 97+% pure means quality!