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Scorpion Sweepers ( is a Scorpion Pest Control company providing natural chemical free scorpion removal for the Phoenix Valley. Using Ultra Violet floodlights active scorpions are detected then hand removed. Their methods are based off of research done by the University of Arizona and are more effective than pesticide residual spraying.

There are over 30 different species of scorpions in Arizona, yet many Arizonans have never seen a scorpion. This is because of their nocturnal nature, scorpions hunt and mate at night when most people are sleeping. Add to that scorpions are only active when temperatures reach 90 degrees, generally early spring until the fall. Chances are rare you will spot a scorpion on your property but when you do there are often many more.

If you are ever stung by a scorpion do not panic, symptoms should dissipate in 72 hours or less. Some people may be allergic to the venom and go into anaphylactic shock akin to a bee allergy, if this occurs call 911 and head to the emergency room. All stings should be reported to the local Poison Control Center, in Arizona the number is (800) 222-1222.

Scorpions can find their way onto your property in many ways:

  • Your property is next to or near:

◦                     A wash or canal

◦                     Open desert or field

◦                     Golf course or park

◦                     Mountain or butte

◦                     Construction, remodeling or landscaping

  • In foreign plants, dirt or rocks placed on your property
  • From a neighbor with a scorpion problem
  • From a pet or other animal
  • Scorpions searching for new habitats

There are many ways to prevent scorpions from infesting your property. First you will want to eliminate their food source, mainly small insects and invertebrates. Removing any rubbish from your yard like wood piles, roof tiles, dead brush and leaves. Then fill any cracks or holes in your home and perimeter fences.

Scorpions are a nuisance in mountainous cities like Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Cave Creek. It is common to have ten or more scorpions in your backyard on any given night. They are a natural part of the ecosystem and help control other pests. If you are concerned you have a scorpion infestation contact a professional pest control company to exterminate your scorpions.